Kingbury Press website nominated for a Drum Design award

by Nick Ramshaw

Great news….the new website we designed and built for Kingsbury Press has been nominated in the Website Design category of the Drum Design Awards 2017. Who would have thought? A printer winning in the best website design category?

We are up against very stiff competition, but fingers crossed it will be a winner at the ceremony on 8 June.

Here is an excerpt from our entry:

Designers love to debate the merits of print vs digital. We combine the very best of both.

This is the story of how we helped one of the pioneers of British print to create a new website that sells the most tactile of products – luxury printing and hand finishing.

Kingsbury needed a new website. A website designed to showcase their experience, craftsmanship and outstanding levels of quality, and to attract high-end clients and their agencies.

Chanting their brand mantra: ‘The Art of Print’ (developed by our former colleague Richard Bassett), we have strengthened Kingsbury’s position in the UK, New York and the Middle East by presenting the detail in their work so clearly that you can almost feel it.

Success often comes down to the work you have done for other people. So, we focussed on that, bringing the precision in Kingsbury’s portfolio to the forefront of the website. This shows the passion poured into every project, without saying a word. It’s obvious, they do brilliant work. It’s obvious, they care deeply.

Our approach uses restraint, simplicity and elegant design to let the content shine. Nothing distracts from Richard’s photographic art-direction. Interactions are smooth and natural.

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