Celebrating the success of Shoreline Cottages' new website

by Liz Calvert

We have recently celebrated the six month launch anniversary of Shoreline Cottages’ new website – and what a success it has been!

Shoreline Cottages, one of our long-standing clients, approached us last year to help them with their website. Specialising in letting holiday cottages in Whitby and the surrounding coastline, Shoreline were losing ground to competitors and they felt it was due to an unresponsive website with poor content and accessibility. This was contributing to a drop in enquiries and ultimately sales.

Time for a change
We agreed. It was time for change. We needed to overhaul their website and its content. This was also the perfect opportunity to update the brand identity as a whole. Giving Shoreline Cottages a more modern look and feel, a friendly tone of voice and fresh photography that would appeal to those who matter most – the bookers.

  • Image credit: www.shoreline-cottages.com

    An immediate, positive impression from the start
    Shoreline Cottages’ existing website was built on a custom platform that had been extended over time and this needed addressing. We outlined all the functionality required for their booking system and improved the usability across all devices to be clear and concise and help the overall user experience.

    We then set to work on refreshing their brand identity, logo, fonts, colour palette and tone of voice. Decision-makers are predominantly women with 40% of bookings made for families and 20% wanting to take their dog, so the new website needed to appeal to them as well as create an immediate impression of quality, value and exclusivity.

    The user journey was key. Finding the properties quickly and identifying the features that each property offers helped visitors find all the information they required. This alongside the rich content, new photography and 360-degree property tours enables users to comfortably make a decision and subsequently a booking.

  • Image credit: www.shoreline-cottages.com

    An all round success
    The first six months since launch has seen a large rise in enquiries resulting in increased bookings. Shoreline has also secured three additional new properties to add to their portfolio.

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    Family values
    Shoreline is a family-run business based in Whitby. It was important to them that they ‘exceed customer expectations’ through hospitality, personal service and the quality of the properties. Clear, visible pricing also ensures all visitors get the best deal possible.

  • Image credit: www.shoreline-cottages.com

    David Haycox, owner of Shoreline Cottages said:
    “From a marketing perspective, the responsive design, the ability to add a range of content such as blogs and landing pages, and the flexibility in the content design, have all brought our website in line with our main competitors. And in some cases even allows us to shine in comparison. The combination of large, high resolution photography and the 360 tours not only allows our properties to become almost tangible products but, more importantly, it means our visitors are fully informed before making a booking. While the imagery focuses on allowing visitors to ‘buy with their eyes’, the descriptions are written in a relaxed, conversational tone that are easy to read but also grasps our professional and friendly approach. Quite a difficult mix to get right!

    A recent visitor to the website, who books holiday cottages all over the UK, said that she found Shoreline to be the most user-friendly and informative. The website give her ‘everything she needed to find’ – it’s great to see its success.”

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