Open House: Can art + design change things?

by Rachel Cook

Open House this Tuesday was bigger and better than ever. If you didn’t make it, here’s what you missed…

1. A new location
We’re now officially too big for our boots and so decamped down to Patrick Studios, the HQ of our awesome friends East Street Arts. Thanks again you lot, it worked a treat.

  • 2. A question: Can art + design change things?
    We reckon art and design are pretty important – but then we would. But we’ve been wondering recently just how much difference they can really make. We invited two interesting chaps to come and give us their view on this very question.

  • 3. Mark Musgrave
    We kicked off the night with Mark Musgrave of Printed By Us, a not-for-profit organisation in Sheffield that’s using screen printing to help local people who are coming out of the other side of homelessness. It’s fairly early days but it’s pretty impressive and inspiring stuff.

  • Mark spilled the beans on how he came up with the idea with his then colleagues, made partnerships, found support from local charity the Archer Project, and got everything up, running, and awesome. He shared insights on challenging your own assumptions (e.g. that homeless people would even be interested in this) and how deciding do something, even if it’s just a small something, is the best way to help fix things.

    4. Jon Wakeman, East Street Arts
    Jon is one half of the brains/brawn behind East Street Arts., a stalwart of the Leeds arts scene. Even those of us who have known Jon for a long time still enjoyed hearing of the story of East Street Arts, from their somewhat humble beginnings fresh out of education with £600 in their pockets, to a renowned international arts organisation providing space, support and more for artists.

  • 5. Awesome pizza, great beer, tasty cake and all the good stuff.
    Yep, if you didn’t make it you also missed such treats as pizza, cake, and beautiful beer from North Brew Co.

    We also shared a sneaky preview of our next event which’ll be taking place on 28 June, 6pm. Just let us know if you’d like to come along – we’d love to have you.

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