Thompson appointed to name and brand innovative new Person Held Record platform

by Thompson Brand Partners

We have been appointed to create a new name, brand proposition and visual identity for an innovative, open platform-based Person Held Record (PHR), currently in development.

The PHR will help people to better manage and control their own care and wellbeing, and help prevent further health issues. It will revolutionise access to personal data, starting with medical information and growing from there. It will gather together all an individual’s information into one place and give them the power to access to it all through one, easy to use website for the first time.

Having a more complete picture of their data means individuals can start to take control of their own healthcare and help the professionals who serve them, too. Users will also be able to add information via the platform, giving healthcare professionals a more complete picture of their patients’ health and enabling them to give the best care possible.

The technology will be built on an internationally industry-leading open source platform for the health and care sector, developed by the Ripple Foundation. The PHR programme will be led by Leeds City Council, in partnership with NHS organisations across the city.

  • Dylan Roberts, Chief Digital and Information Officer for Leeds City Council, says: “We will work closely with the people of Leeds, care professionals and national organisations to ensure any technology we build and implement can be reused across the nation.” 

    The PHR is safe, secure and infinitely extendable to encompass other public services in the future, such as the electoral register and much more, bringing everything together in one place for the first time. Users will also be able to connect other technologies like health and fitness apps, smart watches and digitally-enabled medical devices, all feeding data into their personal record.

    Our role is to create a name and visual identity for the Person Held Record, and the platform itself, driven by user insight. We are currently engaging with users and developing naming and identity concepts. The new name and visual identity will be rolled out before the end of 2017.

    Paul McGuigan, Brand Strategist here at Thompson, explains the unique challenges that this project brings:

    “The Person Held Record platform has enormous potential. Users will be able to access their healthcare records and add data too, giving them the power to build a true picture of their own health for this first time ever. We’re excited to be part of its development, not just as branding and design partners, but as users of the system ourselves.

    Our job will be to create a strong brand proposition, name and visual identity that brings this potential to life and helps users to understand it. We’re branding the future potential of the platform, so we have to look a long way ahead. Through the creative work and messaging, we must also reassure users that they can trust the platform and that their data is safe.”

    Councillor Rebecca Charlwood, Chair of the Leeds Health and Wellbeing Board also said, “Leeds is the second largest city in the UK outside London, with a diverse population of over 770,000 people. We need to nurture a health and care system where people have more conversations and opportunities to help unlock the best solutions for them. The Person Held Record programme is a key enabler of this work.”

    Leeds is also hoping the market will help create apps and functionality that will work with the open platform because they conform to the standards set. For example, if you have a chronic long-term condition, you will be able to personalise your PHR with this information, allowing for a more joined up view.

  • Dr Tony Shannon, Director at Ripple Foundation added, “Healthcare is suffering from an underperforming health IT sector which makes it harder for care professionals to work with their patients efficiently and effectively.  By building their Person Held Record on an open platform, in line with the international open EHR standard, Leeds has started a transformational move to future-proof its healthcare IT systems.

    Tony continued, “Ripple Foundation’s mission is to improve the care of patients and citizens alike by providing technology that supports their needs and delivers easy to use systems that are scalable and cost effective.”

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