Launching ‘Work & Turn’ for Kingsbury Press

by Richard Bassett

We have just launched ‘Work & Turn’, a new quarterly showcase publication for leading printer Kingsbury Press, promoting their print and finishing services to new and existing clients.

  • Kingsbury commissioned us to develop a way of celebrating their high-end craft, whilst grabbing the attention of their designer target audience and helping to develop new sales opportunities.

    Led by our Design Director Richard Bassett, our solution is a quarterly publication, named ‘Work & Turn’. Volume 1 is published this week.

    Each issue/volume has two dimensions; ‘Work’ – a semi-traditional showcase demonstrating the latest print productions for an array of prestigious and well respected clients; and ‘Turn’ – a visual and observational study of print-related objects and related ephemera. Working with photographer Guy Farrow, Volume 1 features Ink, a photographic essay of a print craftsman’s tools.

  • ‘Work & Turn’ is a print term used to describe the process in which a sheet of paper is printed. Here the term is used as a vehicle to experiment within the world of print and demonstrate the creative capabilities of Kingsbury Press.

    Volume 1 is printed in 5 colours, including metallic silver on a combination of Ispira, X-PER and Symbol Freelife all from Fedrigoni, and beautifully foil blocked and three whole sewn to finish.

  • Kingsbury owner Rob Layton is delighted with the new publication: “Work & Turn is going to work brilliantly for us, as it achieves two key sales goals – we get a chance to show-off the fantastic work we have done for clients like Pentagram, North and Liberty of London, which we know other designers love to see. And we also get a piece of beautiful, intriguing print into customers’ hands, showing off our printing, finishing and binding skills.”

    Richard Bassett, Design Director of Thompson Brand Partners is also extremely pleased with the end product: “Having worked with Rob and the Kingsbury team for nearly 10 years, I knew that this approach would work well. Bringing the craft-side of what Kingsbury does so well to life, helps create a piece that designers will hopefully covet, seeing Kingsbury as an ideal print partner for future projects.”

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