Instagram turns five years old!

by Jamie Moore

Of all the social media platforms, Instagram is easily my favourite. Released on October 6th 2010, Instagram gained users at an impressive rate. Within two months, it already had a million active users. In less than a year it had 150 million photo uploads. At time of writing, Instagram has a total of 400 million users.

Popularity Contest

Over the past 5 years, Instagram has seen many different user types; artists, businesses, sports teams, parodies, tattoo artists, celebrities, the list is endless. Celebrities are currently the most followed accounts with the top 5 spots going to female celebrities:

  1. Taylor Swift (49.6 million)
  2. Kim Kardashian (48.1 million)
  3. Beyonce (47.2 million)
  4. Selena Gomez (45.9 million)
  5. Ariana Grande (44.6 million)

Those numbers are impressive considering the service is only 5 years old. It sure has come a long way from its humble beginnings of a photo of Instagram co-founders’ dog.

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