Bespoke experiences

by Jake Greenwood

Following on from my last post ‘Designing Development’, which was about the relationship between design and technology, I am going to think about the design process in a slightly different way. The My Edit Google notebook by Multi Adaptor sparked another thought about the design process, and whilst focusing on collaboration, I am going to consider design and technology as the
same thing. In their most simple form, they are tools to create with.

  • My Edit is essentially a digital notepad that has been designed to promote and engage users with the services on offer through the ‘think with Google’ website. When the user ticks the boxes in the notebook, which are printed with conductive ink, they communicate with the website and select the option online. Which in turn means google can supply the user with the information most relevant to them, resulting in a tailored, efficient experience.

  • Im not sure actually how useful the notebook is, and why you cant simply enter this information into a computer, but this isn’t necessarily important as I don’t think the project is supposed to be a better way of interacting with the Web. What this project does is take an everyday, bog standard physical object like a notebook, and transform the user’s experience using technology. The notebook has become smart and it’s this magic that is the books purpose. It creates the idea that Google My Edit possess a super power level of knowledge.

  • The notebook represents a collaborative approach to design, where to achieve innovation visual designers have teamed up with industrial designer Roland Ellis. By doing so the team have used technology to create a bespoke experience for the user, that is valuable to both the user and Google. It is valuable to the user as they are only served content relevant to them, but it is also valuable to Google because the completely bespoke user experience means that the brand values are communicated at every stage. It is this that I really love about this project (besides the fact that it uses some really clever tech stuff to transform a non digital object into a functioning digital controller). Every stage of the users interaction with the book and platform is designed to be as Google as possible, resulting in a completely unique user experience.

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