A challenge you can't refuse...

by Kirsty Stevenson

Vito, Michael, Sonny, Fredo, Connie and Carmela. What’s the link?

Always up for a good quiz, this is the challenge we set at Christmas when we created Famous Families, a game challenging you to name each of 54 families based on a list of the members.

It’s harder than you might think and, to date, it’s been played over 700 times online at famousfamilies.co.uk

  • In the interests of research, we’ve also taken the game out and about to investigate how to get the most out of it. Is it best playing it on your own, or with friends? On the train or in the pub? Online, or with the cards?

  • Playing in the pub, with friends, is winning hands down. So if you know your Corleones (massive hint, if you didn’t get the reference up top, by the way!) from your Plantagenets, you should definitely give it a try.

    To help kick-start the fun, we’ve devised a few different ways to play:

    Fastest family first…
    One point is awarded to the first person in the group to correctly guess each family.
    Winner is the person with most points when you get to the end of the quiz.

    When two teams go to war…
    Opposing teams compete to complete each round of 5 families first.
    Losing team on each round buys the round / does a forfeit.

    Round the clock…
    Taking turns clockwise, each participant gets five seconds to guess the family.
    Forfeits for wrong guesses, cheats or passes.

  • We’d love see your shots of your teams playing the game – share with @ThompsonBP on Twitter, or just tell us which families you had to cheat to find #famousfamilies…

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