Roses Creative Awards 2016

by Emma Shakeshaft

Last month we had a great time celebrating at the Roses Creative Awards 2016, where we picked up a hat-trick of awards! A team of ten Thompson-ers headed over to Manchester for the jungle-fever themed awards ceremony, for a night of celebrations.

  • Our first award of the night was a GOLD for our Self-Promotional Christmas project Famous Families. If you’re not lucky enough to have a set of the cards, either sweet-talk your favourite Thompson-er or play the online version of the game here.

  • Our second award of the night was for the wonderful Keelham Farm Shop. We brought home a Bronze award in the Exhibition/Point of Sale category, recognising the work that’s gone into the highly successful farm shop based in Skipton and Thornton, Yorkshire.

  • Our final award of the night was in the Corporate/Promotional Literature category, in which we picked up a Bronze award for Work&Turn Vol.02, a promotional brochure we created for Kingsbury Press. Take a look at the full project here.

  • You can check out all the winners on the Roses Creative Awards site. For now, I’ll leave you with a photo of the most Thompson-ers in one selfie ever!

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