"People don't ask themselves 'Why am I doing this?' enough!"

by Kirsty Stevenson

Davnet Reid’s background in data-driven and content marketing is currently helping to reposition the DFS brand. Dav joined Thompson as a non-executive director in late 2015 and her firm grasp on the critical role that brand plays in driving that content makes her a great partner for us.

Here’s why.

  • What made you join Thompson Brand Partners?
    It’s all about the people. Having met the team, it was obvious to me the potential Thompson could add to any business. They are bright, creative, enthusiastic and really care about brands’ growth, personality and relevance, I just love the idea of being able to be part of this team.  Particularly exciting is the addition of the digital team, a very talented bunch.

    My background is client-side in CRM and data driven marketing and more recently content and social media for retail and financial services. I believe this really complements the current offering at Thompson.

    What value do you see in content, to a brand?
    Content helps the brand to be relevant, timely, entertaining and helpful. Engagement is what it is all about – content is just a way of making this happen. It needs to be combined with data and intelligence to ensure it works. No point talking to a golf widow about the wonders of the right ‘driver’ …speaking from experience!

    What ethos do you feel it’s important to instil in a content service?
    Keep true to the brand. Join the conversation, don’t always try to start a new one. I don’t necessarily mean this related to social media in isolation. Content is about telling existing stories about the brand – you shouldn’t need to think about new ones – it is just a different way of communicating.

    What are the top three tips that you’d give to a brand developing their content marketing?
    1.Know your audience. 
    2.Establish objectives.
    3.Measure effectiveness. 

    What’s the one question that content marketers most forget to ask?
    Why are you doing this? How will you know it has worked (I know that’s two questions!)

    What would you like people to remember your time with Thompson for?
    Success. It comes in many guises but I would like to help the business and people get the recognition they deserve. 

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